Fat Bottom Brewing Company


Illustration, Package Art

Illustration & Design

Ligia Teodosiu & Aaron Johnson


Joel Anderson

About Project

A local micro brewer contacted us about creating a vintage brand identity for a new line of beer. The name of the brewery was Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

The Challenge

How do you take a name like Fat Bottom and build a fun, tasteful, vintage brand identity that celebrates fine Nashville brewing?

The Solution

We hand-lettered a logo and created a series of not-too-racy pinup girls whose distinct names, outfits, and personalities matched each flavor of beer.

The Flavors

The resulting artwork put Fat Bottom on the map and boogied them to the top of the local micro brew scene.

The Packaging

We normally only do illustrations vs. layout entire boxes, labels, and cans. But on this project, we did it all. 

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