Rooted in strategy—developed with care. Our illustration and design services help elevate your brand.

Why We Do What We Do.

Handcrafted art makes a statement. It sets a mood and emphasizes individuality in ways that not every medium can. We go to great lengths to create a look that brings out the best of your brand. Everything is custom with our artisan approach, and our original artwork generates results.

I believe that illustration can be a powerful tool for connecting emotionally with our customers by creating an experience that feels truly unique. I can personally say that our collaboration with Anderson Design Group on the Macy’s Flower Show poster series over the last few months has proven to be one of the highlights of my career as Creative Manager for Special Projects at Macy’s.”

Gregory DiBisceglie

Senior Creative Manager, Macy’s, Inc.

How Can We Help Your Business?

We help you connect with your audience in meaningful ways, through a variety of services, but here are the most common ways:

Illustrative Design

We learn about your company, product or service, your culture and more. We dig in and understand your target audience and your competition. Then, we aim for the appropriate vibe and style as we plan the design. Our methods may change depending on the task at hand, but we are always focused on connecting visually with people on an emotional level.

Package Design

Packaging should make your product leap from the shelves and grab the customer’s attention. We’ve created packaging art for years and we love to think about inventive ways to make a product stand out in a crowd. Our tailor-made artwork conjures up a mood and enhances the perception of what’s inside—isn’t that what packaging is all about?


Custom hand-lettering is a time-honored craft, and we love incorporating it into our artwork. The right typeface or type-styling can make or break a piece. We go to great lengths, using our artisan approach to develop original hand-lettered artwork to make your project shine.

Product Development

If you already have a good product, we can help you take it to a whole new level. Classic design, hand-rendered illustration and solid strategy can make all the difference when taking a new product to market. The right design can elevate a piece of clothing from a wearable to a collectible. We love to take a good idea and add beautiful enhancements to transform it into a successful line of products.

Interested in Licensing Some of Our Artwork for Your Business?

We have been in the business of licensing our artwork for years and many companies have elevated their brand by implementing our illustrative design work into their creative strategy.

What To Expect From ADG.

A bit about our creative process.

We Think.

When you hire us, you are not simply hiring talented artists. We join your team and collaborate to deliver an intentional, emotive, effective solution.

We Sketch and Plan.

The end product may be digitally created, but the beginnings of our work often take place with pencil and paper. We look at things from different perspectives, and do plenty of research to back up the direction in which we take you.

We Push the Limits.

We are not satisfied with the status quo. We collaborate with you to create something unique, and true to who you are. Together, we can create something amazing.

We Deliver.

We enjoy exceeding expectations. Our approach ensures an end-product that will not only be effective, but will stop people in their tracks.

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