Memphis Zoo



Illustration & Design

Aaron Johnson


Joel Anderson

The Project

Our souvenir licensee, known as Walking In Memphis, was asked by the Memphis Zoo to develop a poster that featured the zoo’s most popular animals. The art would be used to decorate gift items like mugs, magnets, postcards and posters.

The Challenge

The good folks at the zoo wanted us to create a poster featuring 8 different animals, giving them all equal emphasis. The composition was challenging, since the scale of each animal is very different. Also, making all the colors work well took some special arranging.

The Solution

We tried a few different compositions, and the solution which gave us the most freedom to collage together animals of very different sizes and colors was a radial design with the logo in the center and 8 different “rays” or “slices” that each contained an animal.


We presented two sketches to the client, and the option with the logo in the center was the favorite.


The Artwork

The end product neatly divides up the animals by color and allows each one to be seen at a similar size, even though they are not to scale.


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