Ram Trucks



Illustration & Design

Andy Gregg, Aaron Johnson


Joel Anderson

The Project

The Richards Group out of Dallas, TX saw or National Parks art and commissioned us to develop a series of posters and ads for Ram Trucks that would be inspired by the 20th Century WPA poster art.

The ads appeared in the 2012-2013 Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual Hunting and Fishing Regulations guide that were distributed to more than three million avid Texas outdoorsman. The Ram Truck brand was the exclusive automotive sponsor of the guide.

The Challenge

We needed to create a series of Ram Truck ads featuring illustrative renderings of the Lone Star state’s picturesque Rio Grande Valley, Balanced Rock, Enchanted Rock and Lighthouse Rock landscapes as settings for the Ram 1500 Mossy Oakâ Edition Outdoorsman, Ram 2500 Power Wagon, Ram 1500 Lone Star and Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn. The art needed to celebrate the rugged beauty of the Texas landscape in a vintage, stylize color palette, while accurately depicting each model of truck.

The Solution

We created a series of vintage-looking posters about Texas parks that happened to have big trucks in the middle of each scene. To accomplish an authentic WPA look, simplified all the shapes, limited the color palettes, and we created a lot of hand-rendered type for each composition. The finished art became ads, wrapped buildings, and were sold as posters.

Poster Concepts

The biggest challenge on the main composite poster was figuring out how to show the flower-laden torch of Lady Liberty along with scenes from all 6 different regions of the USA. We tried a collage approach and also a design that used the rays emanating from the torch to act as separators to the 6 regional scenes.


Finished Posters

The poster series worked remarkably well. The trucks were as cool as the landscapes, so they both shared the spotlight, achieving the goal of celebrating the majesty of the rugged Texas wilderness while promoting a line of trucks that could get you there and back.


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