Uinta Brewing Co.


Package Art

Illustration & Design

Aaron Johnson


Joel Anderson

The Project

The good folks at Uinta Brewing Co. saw our National Parks poster art and thought we would be a good match to help them illustrate label art. They wanted classic-looking artwork that would celebrate nature and outdoor adventure.

The Challenge

Uinta already had some fabulous label art created by superstar artist Josh Emerich. It was our job to pick up where Josh left off and create a whole new generation of designs that would compliment and extend the Uinta look and feel. 

The Solution

Each flavor of Uinta’s beer has a unique personality and flavor profile. After sampling each beer, we created art that would evoke the flavor and feel of each brew. Often, the name of the beer would influence the illustration theme. We used colors and compositional elements to tell a unique story about each flavor.



Naming a beer is getting harder these days, thanks to the hundreds of American micro breweries competing for shelf space. Uinta is a very creative company, so they always find a way to be fresh and original. Being outdoor sports enthusiasts located in Utah is a big plus!


Cans & Bottles


Bottles print with 4-color process inks, so any color can be used in our palette. But if the same flavor is also going to be sold in cans, we have to make sure the art works in 7 flat ink colors (including white, and using the silver can as an extra color whenever possible.) Creating a cohesive look across bottles and cans is harder that you might think!




Creating art that must print on multiple substrates can be a challenge. Uinta produces beautifully printed art on paper labels, metal cans, and cardboard boxes. Our job is to render art that will look consistently good no matter what it gets printed onto! Labels are rather small, but boxes cover a lot of real estate. We usually create the bottle label or can art first and then expand our compositions to cover larger areas for the tops, sides and bottoms of beer cases and six-pack carriers.


The Uinta Brewing brand aesthetic wouldn’t be where it is today without the creative minds at Anderson Design Group. Their process from start to finish is friendly, communicative and most importantly collaborative – open to ideas while contributing their own so that the final outcome is top notch. 10/10 we will be working with them well into the future.

Jeremy Worrell

Director of Marketing, Unita Brewing Co.

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