School Posters



Illustration & Design

Aaron Johnson, Andy Gregg, Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson


Joel Anderson

The Project

Schools, colleges, and Universities need to connect with alumni, donors, students and potential students. Striking visual art can celebrate traditions, architecture, and student life in ways that photography cannot.

The Challenge

How do you focus on the things that make each institution unique, while being visually beautiful, inclusive, and emotionally compelling?

The Solution

We explore the history of each school, the campus life, the traditions that resonate with alumni, faculty, donors, boosters, and current enrolled students. We create artwork with sentimental value that instills pride in the mission and the experience of each school.

Vanderbilt University

At Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, architecture and sculpture play a vital role in setting a mood, conveying tradition and progress, and establishing a sense of identity on the campus. Being just a few blocks away from the campus, we enjoyed exploring, taking reference photos, and working closely with university officials to create a series of Vandy Pride posters.


Covid Posters

Vanderbilt was very proactive in educating, informing, and inspiring everyone on campus to pull together and fight the Pandemic. They hired us to create eye-catching poster art inspired by WW2 patriotic posters vs. merely posting signs with information. The results were great—everyone paid attention to the message, and the infection rate fell as everyone did their part to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Syracuse University

Syracuse University hired us to create a series of posters aimed at alumni and prospective students. We focused on four areas of campus life: architecture, sports, school pride, and community.


Misc Schools

Every school has a unique mission, tradition, history, and future. We consider all aspects of what makes each school special as we develop artwork to help them connect with their communities. 


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