Williams Sonoma Packaging


Package Art

Illustration & Design

Aaron Johnson


Joel Anderson

The Project

Williams-Sonoma needed to create some unique, nostalgic, all-American packaging for a line of giourmet nuts. 

The Challenge

There are already lots of brands offering mixed nuts, using photos of the product. We needed to create a fresh and different packaging design that would convey a story and a feeling.

The Solution

We researched early 20th Century and mid-century advertising art that focused on travel, and experiencing the USA via road trips. We developed artwork that felt very retro and adventurous, while amplifying the special seasoning and flavors of each nut mix.


We developed sketches for each flavor adventure, approaching the scenes from different perspectives.

Finished Label Designs

We created a distinct color palette for each product, while using certain colors and design elements that would keep a strong family look to the three separate flavor mixes.

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