Aaron Johnson


Aaron was raised in Nashville, where he dedicated his early years to drawing cartoons and making corny jokes. Finding illustration and graphic design the perfect fit for his odd skill set, he attended Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film. In 2012 Aaron went for his dream job as an Illustrator at ADG, since the world was scheduled to end that year and he wanted to go out with a bang. The world kept turning and Aaron kept producing cool Illustration. In his spare time Aaron enjoys doing historical fencing, building replicas of TV show & movie props, and watching Japanese Anime. 

A Variety of Styles

Aaron enjoys working in a variety of styles. He is adept at many different rendering techniques, and is always ready to learn a new one. Aside from ADG’s classic vintage travel art, he can do anything from colorful digital painting, old school letterpress, cartooning, and more.

Personal Work

When he is done making vintage art for the day Aaron enjoys making artwork that fits with his interests and hobbies. He is big into medieval fantasy art, comic book style illustration, and even builds replicas from movies and games. Yes, that’s a working lightsaber!


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