Joel Anderson

Illustrator/Creative Director

Founder Joel Anderson has over 30 years of experience in advertising, commercial illustration and graphic design. Not to brag, but he lost count of Anderson Design Group’s local and regional ADDY Awards after he started running out of display space (there were over 50 of them the last time he checked.) A few of the biggies: Joel has won an Emmy Award, a Dove Award, Art Director of the Year Award, and his work has been published in dozens of books and design journals. He has also written, illustrated and published 12 of his own books and produced over 2,000 original poster designs. Joel has eccelctic tastes in music, art and food—musically, he’s into Tom Petty, James Brown, Herb Alpert, Tito Puente and Chopain. Artistically, he enjoys 20th Century poster art, 19th Century impressionism, and ancient Puebloan petroglyphs. When it comes to food, Joel loves, pizza, paella, Indian cuisine, and anything with peanut butter in it (or on it).

Examples of Joel’s Artwork


Joel enjoys his role as Creative Director. This allows him to act like a conductor, orchestrating visual melodies with his team of virtuoso artists. As a “chamber orchestra”, Anderson Design Group can produce amazing artwork that none of the individual members could do alone. When he is not directing, Joel enjoys illustrating in a variety of styles and media, experimenting with colors, textures, composition, and materials. Below are a few examples of his solo design and illustration work.


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