OUR PHILOSOPHY: Since 1993, our philosophy has been simple: Serve clients by learning their business, knowing their competition, and understanding their target audience. Then create powerful art that gets noticed, communicates on an emotional level, and compels people to act. We love what we do as visual communicators—and it shows when we illustrate, hand-letter or design. When we tackle creative projects, we create original art to make our clients’ branding stand out from the clutter. 

OUR HISTORY: Anderson Design Group, Inc. founder Joel Anderson graduated from Ringling School of Art & Design in 1986. He was recruited straight from college to work as a staff illustrator and designer at Carden & Cherry Advertising in Nashville, TN. While at C&C, Joel won an Emmy Award for his work on a CBS show, Hey Vern, It’s Ernest. Joel worked at C&C for 7 years, learning the art & science of advertising (and how to talk like Ernest.) In 1993, Joel and his friend David Thomas founded Anderson Thomas Design, Inc. The firm focused on CD package design at first, and quickly grew into a diverse print & web design company with a client list that included Universal Studios, DreamWorks Pictures, Golden Books, Thomas Nelson and more. In 2007, the partners decided to pursue different interests, so Joel reorganized the design firm as Anderson Design Group, Inc., narrowing the studio’s focus to specialize in illustrative design, branding, and product development. In October of 2015, Joel retooled ADG once again to narrow the focus to illustration, poster art, book publishing, retail & wholsale products, and licensing the 700+ images created over the last decade. 

OUR EXPERIMENTS: In order to help other business owners succeed, we believe it is important to put ourselves in their shoes. To do this, we often create new lines of products, and then experiment with how to brand them, develop them, package them, and market them. We use social media, we create web sites (like this one) and we spend time in the trenches figuring out what works (or bombs) so we can offer what we learn to our clients. One of the successful businesses we have developed is the critically-acclaimed Spirit of Nashville Collection—a series of illustrated prints and gifts designed in the tradition of the "Golden Age of Poster Art." This series has won countless awards, been featured in Print Magazine, and has acheived international recognition. It now features over 100 designs, plus dozens of gifts and collectibles. We continue to create new poster art collections all the time. Our products can be seen at the Anderson Design Group Studio Store, which is located at 116 29th Ave. North, Nashville, TN 37203. Phone: 615-327-9894. Everything is also available here in our on-line STUDIO STORE (see the SHOP link at the top of this page.)

OUR CREDENTIALS: Founder Joel Anderson has over 25 years of experience in advertising, commercial illustration and graphic design. All combined, the Anderson Design Group team has over 55 years of experience in print production, marketing, illustration and design. Not to brag, but we lost count of our local and regional ADDY Awards after we started running out of display space (there were over 50 of them the last time we checked.) A few of the biggies: Joel has won an Emmy Award, a Dove Award, Art Director of they Year Award, and his work has been published in dozens of books and design journals. He has also written, illustrated and published 11 of his own books. Our designers have won ADDYs and even been honored by the Society of Illustrators in NYC. Over the years, we have done work for companies as diverse as Chrysler, Denny’s, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, National Geographic, Harper Collins, Golden Books, Dollar General, Hog Heaven and more. We'd love to get to know you and add your compay to our growing list of satisfied clients! In addition to working with clients from all over the world, our gallery prints have now attracted a global audience. Since 2011, they have been sold in Australia, 15 countries in Europe, Southern Asia, South Africa, and the Middle East.